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Is the headset wired or wireless?

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Since Apple released the first generation of airpods wireless headset, mobile phone synchronization large-scale cancellation of headphone hole. For consumers, cancelling the headphone jack is not good news. Because many people are used to the 3.5mm earphone hole, users have no choice to cancel the earphone hole directly. By 2019, Apple has finally updated the second generation of airpods, and there will be more and more wireless headphones in the future. But for the average consumer, for you, do you really want wireless headphones to replace wired?

In the long run, wireless headphones are the future, but now there is no way to completely replace wired headphones. Apple for wireless life is more pursuit, as early as airpods began wireless strategy. For example, cancel various interfaces on the MAC series and leave only one; for example, the abortive airpower wireless charging board wants to let consumers experience wireless life better. It is not unreasonable for apple to do so. Although wired has existed for many years, it also has more or less inconvenience; and all wireless devices can better liberate hands-on operation.

In addition to apple, other manufacturers have also stepped up the pace of wireless. In addition to airpods, there are countless wireless headphones on the market. Traditional audio companies, including Sony, Goethe, AKG, bya power, Sennheiser and magic sound, have more or less introduced wireless headphones, which will be followed up gradually even if there is no future. Secondly, Android mobile phone manufacturers have also begun to release wireless headphones, including Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei, oppo, etc. However, as far as the experience of wireless headphones is concerned, the products on the market still can't surpass apple.

Headphones choose wired or wireless, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages

1. Advantages of wired headset:

Wired headphones sound better. Compared with wireless transmission, wire can play a better role in sound quality. Although many people think that the sound quality is metaphysical, if you have experienced wireless headphones and wired headphones, you can still tell the difference - at least the wired headphones have better sound quality! Of course, wireless headsets are constantly improving in terms of protocol and Bluetooth, and it is not impossible to surpass wired in the future. It's just that it may take longer.

Wired earphone connection is more stable. Obviously, wireless headphones have many limitations because of the transmission principle. Such as distance, stability, synchronization and so on. There is no problem of stability and synchronization with wired headphones, because one cable can solve all problems. However, if the wireless headset exceeds a certain distance, it may not be able to receive the Bluetooth signal; secondly, the stability is not as good as that of the wired one, and it is vulnerable to other interference; if you watch the video with the wireless headset, you can feel the synchronization between the sound and the picture. Speaking of it, if the wireless headphones are used in chicken eating games, you may collapse. Wired headphones don't need charging. charge? No, for wired headphones, as long as the phone has how much electricity, you can listen to as long as you can. Wireless headphones, even with a charging box, there is no way to compare with cable. What's more, if the wireless headset runs out of power, it's a complete waste. It can't be turned on, let alone used.

2. Advantages of wireless headset:

Wireless headphones are more convenient. Cable headset is stable and awesome, but wire is easy to wind. Most of the time, when you take a wired headset out of your pocket from your schoolbag, it takes time to smooth the thread - because wired headphones are definitely the most easily knotted product in the world. Wireless headphones do not have this trouble at all times, take out at any time, wear at any time, more convenient.

Wireless headset has more functions. Cable headphones, most of the time, are mainly listening to songs, other almost No. But headset headset now awesome headset, wake up Siri and other language assistants (more convenient wake up), individual products and translation functions, and even in the future can access various sensors, get better headphones, hands free, really wireless; in many practical scenarios, wireless headphones are more powerful, such as toilets, housework, computer games and occasional cooking. With a Bluetooth headset, you can release your hands without being disturbed.

Wireless headphones are more suitable for sports: indeed, if you have tried to wear wired headphones in running, you will know that the cable is boring; but wireless does not have this problem and can accompany you to exercise better.

For consumers, how to choose between wireless headset and wired headset?

In fact, wireless headphones and wired headphones have their own advantages, but from the use of time, wireless is relatively short, wired has become a habit of people. However, although the development of wireless headphones is relatively slow, the consumer acceptance is still very high. For example, Apple's AirPods has been make complaints about the issue just now, but it is getting more and more people. After the release of the new airpods in 2019, there is basically no sound that the wireless headphones don't work well. What's more, Apple's new airpods seem to be ready to increase production capacity - according to the latest report in the industry chain, airpods second-generation PCB suppliers have begun to expand production capacity to cope with the continuous surge in orders.

If you want better sound quality and more stable connection, wired headset is your choice;

Wireless headphones are better if you prefer to use them when you're exercising and like the various language assistants and possible sensors.

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